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Som pozeral prave Minority Report - a citam si ako obvykle po filme blbiny zo zakulisia na IMDB a hla:

Although the exact logistics of the predictive technology highlighted in Minority Report, has not yet come to fruition as of this writing (2017), the first traces of predictive technology being used in law enforcement, has now become available. In a handful of areas in the US, police departments are working with software programs that are predicting in what areas of the department's city criminal acitivity will be taking place day to day, based on past criminal activity. Each day the police officers will be given reports detailing what areas the program has predicted crimes will be taking place for that day, and in turn the officers are patrolling those areas vs. patrolling other areas they may have otherwise covered that day.

a este jedna prkotina, ktora sa tyka toho, ze v rozhovore s Truffautom Hitchcock povedal, ze v North by Northwest chcel mat scenu, kde by Cary Grant bol vo v montaznej linke aut - a z jedneho, prave dokonceneho by vypadla mrtvola (v cestine to vyslo tusim pod nazvom Rozhovory, Hitchcock a Truffaut)

The car factory scene is based on an Alfred Hitchcock idea for a never-filmed sequence in North by Northwest (1959) to which François Truffaut also referred in interview.