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Monty Python

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The Telegraph
"The Pythons came, they doddered, but they conquered... Although there’s an over-reliance on TV clips between-scenes, the live material looks far more golden than olden." (Awarded four out of five stars.)

The Guardian
"The sketches are old – of course they are - and you'd have to have a heart of stone not to enjoy hearing them again just a bit, though the campy jokes about men with silly effeminate voices and ladies' underwear have dated." (Awarded three stars).

The Daily Mail
"Once they were the sharpest thing in satire. Last night, quite often, they looked and sounded like a dodgy tribute band. Palin and Idle were the busiest, the most enthusiastic. Palin has the milky gaze of a retired geography teacher but he still looks perfect in a brown shop assistant's coat." (Awarded three stars).

The Express
"Monty Python is side-splitting comedy history in the making. Some of the topspin may have gone from the lines but the comedy timing is still there." (Awarded the full five stars).

The Independent
"This is a desperately lazy production, resting on its laurels, uninterested in showcasing new material, relying on TV footage and the whooping adulation of an audience who know all the words. And when the animations and the hoofing girls and boys are on, you wonder: where have the cast gone? Are they having a little lie-down?" (Awarded two stars).

The Times
The truth is simple. Do this lot have the comic vitality they had 40 years ago? They do not. Yet there are plenty of laughs here - sure, laughs of recognition rather than laughs of surprise, but genuine laughs all the same." (Awarded three stars).