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jdk bezprizorní dýchač čerstvého vzduchu 
dr.zloduch red star -------={§§§§§}8:>x   ɐǝɹoʞ ɥʇɹou
jj už to jede
cent bo neni nebo,  lampy..
Je to tam nově, ty předchozí dvd jely na torrentu pěkně. Popustil jsem uzdu, odesílám nad půl mega /s, ale mám jen 6 % :))
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hmm, jeden seed
cent bo neni nebo,  lampy..

Jarek Nohavica připravil všem svým fanouškům a návštěvníkům webu vánoční dárek - další volně stáhnutelné DVD s názvem Jarek Nohavica: Půlnoční trolejbus. Jedná se takřka hodinový záznam větší části koncertu složeného z písní Bulata Okudžavy a Vladimíra Vysockého. Koncert se uskutečnil 24. října 2012 v Ruském středisku vědy a kultury v Praze.
cent bo neni nebo,  lampy..
V listopadu pět koncertů v pěti dnech v Gongu s Filharmonií, těším se moc. Jsem zvědavý na aranže.
jdk Vyprdnoutsenato! Tisíciletej brouk a záp 
Musím se bohužel přidat.

Snad nejvíc mi asi vadí ta... jednoduchost. Prosté rýmy s nápadem za kačku a už vůbec mě nebaví si ty písničky nějak představovat. Plus ani nezmiňuju, že snad u poloviny písniček jasně slyším nějakou dřívější (jo dělal to už kdysi, ale ne tak výrazně).
MaschinenFuhrer Jednotu Číně! 
když toho v životě už mnoho řekneš, holt se časem opakovat začneš
Serendipity a stejně nevím, co tu dělám  a kdo vlastně jsem
Tak me tu mas je pro me hrozne zklamani - clovek uplne slysi tu absenci napadu a opakovani jiz mnohokrat receneho. Pritom potencial tam porad je, ale aby ho clovek hledal s lupou.
cent bo neni nebo,  lampy..
Tak.. poslouchám to už tři dny v kuse. Nejlepší deska od Divného století.
cent bo neni nebo,  lampy..
nová deska

Snad dostatečně využil Kuśmierského. Na vánočním koncertě v Porubě spolu byli fantastičtí.
First Kite Convention: In the Eyes of the Beginner
The The month of january Next year KTAI Convention within Vegas, Nevada, brought a entire brand new meaning in my experience concerning Kite Manufacturers, their merchandise, as well as what just about all is actually involved with selling good quality items. It had been wonderful to see the collegiality of everyone, and to see how long period pals inside the business had been content to share info along with those of us who had been new. The first mid-day in the conference began using a "Demonstration Day". However, as unknown as existence, the actual wind gusts of Vegas were not very foreseeable either. Even though there is incredibly tiny blowing wind, numerous of the sellers had been able to fly their own reduced to absolutely no wind items, that were still amazing to view. Through stunt kites in order to absolutely no blowing wind kites, as well as from modest single collection kites in order to quad collection kites, the afternoon was nonetheless incredibly vibrant as well as enjoyable! The official starting day's conferences introduced many merchants with each other to talk about tips. Soon after opening paragraphs associated with officials, past officials as well as participants, time it was put in discussing merchandise. We'd the actual opportunity to view various producers "strut their stuff" as well as display all of us that which was new for the approaching year. Apart from showing several kite items, all of us were also able to observe demos of new non-kite merchandise, flying playthings, along with other special items which were available. Fri as well as Saturday were mostly put in browsing and consuming all the displays. Exactly what a terrific display of color, excitement as well as energy, once we were able to observe, listen to and appreciate all the enjoyable products. I have to say, this was one particular of my many favored parts in the convention. 1 couldn't aid but appreciate all the show of colour, and be inside a fantastic feeling soon after strolling lower each aisle. The producers were incredibly thoughtful in assisting the "new child around the block" greater comprehend what was available, and reveal the actual workings of their very own merchandise. It had been fun to check the products and also have a hand's upon experience besides collecting information and facts and having all of them explain exactly what their business had been offering and what items were ideal retailers. _____________________________________________________________-
dr.zloduch red star -------={§§§§§}8:>x   ɐǝɹoʞ ɥʇɹou
vytrznik Hodné kluky si nikdy nezapamatují -  na zlé nikdy nezapomenou
A Guide to Bank Transactional Fees
Within general, transactional charges fall into two categories-those which are billed towards the end client or even the customer and those that are charged for an company or vendor, when it desires to permit repayment providers to the consumers.

Direct Customer fees

Transactional charges generally utilize only towards the direct customers or even customers of a provided financial institution (as the bank doesn't have immediate romantic relationship with other buyers) and even after that, only if the customer has gone beyond what exactly is considered to be the primary industrial relationship that the bank is ready to provide from absolutely no direct price. Hence, fees tend to be normally billed to consumers once they have overdrafted a merchant account, created a cheque in circumstances where they're inadequate funds to pay for it, or even possibly used an automated teller device or even Atm machine in an additional lending institution's network. Even so, actually right here, a bank may allow many dealings without charges, if your customer maintains a good balance (often using a minimal tolerance) or commits to typical income becoming compensated within or preserved each month. This really is because banking institutions worry a great deal about customer "churn" and realize that charges can usually be a "switching factor" when they become an excessive amount of of the toxic irritant to an accounts owner (particularly now that opening an additional accounts using a distinct financial institution could be completed on the web extremely simply in a lot of instances). The easy reasoning here is the fact that it really is much more cost powerful and lucrative in order to preserve good customers that work regularly having a bank (as well as do so with regard to one of the most part inside the black) for which may well end up being many many years, rather than threat losing them entirely more than a reasonable but nevertheless irritating charge that "pushes all of them more than the actual edge". However although this particular results with what may end up being noticed as a better offer for that finish customer, banking institutions still must discover ways to recover their inner transactional costs as well as overhead in some way. For some dealings, for example bank cheques, cable exchanges as well as dealings involving foreign exchange the consumer is going to be relatively pleased to pay (as these tend to be usually "one-off" or even special instances). Even so, these types of charges will not often include the actual costs included totally also it for that reason typically drops to the additional significant category in order to give the charges that may cover costs and also the bank's overhead-the merchant.

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